Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Raiders? The Raiders????

Broncos lose to the Raiders 20-19.

Really?   Is this some alternate universe?  Lose to the Raiders?  With the 3rd string QB?  With Tom Cable as head coach?  The Raiders? 

This was one tremendously frustrating game to watch.  I can't fault the Broncos players for lack of effort.  They seemed to be "into" the game.

I can't recall a more conservative, mundane game plan on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball for the Broncos...ever.  The Broncos' "braintrust" can't seem to figure out how to score if they get inside the 5 yard line...nor can they ever get creative enough to get a first down on 3rd and 1.  The decision to play LaMont Jordan as the 2nd RB is truly baffling....this guy hasn't done anything to be on the team, let alone get playing time.  Defensively, the coaches seemed content to play soft and not pressure the QB....why?  WHY?  You've got a 3rd string stiff QB that automatically rolled to his right in a panic anytime things went bad, and a fat JaMarcus Russell in the 4th quarter that totally falls apart when under pressure.  So naturally, the defensive calls featured lots of 3 and 4 man rushes.  WHAT???   Sometimes I wonder what coaches look at when they make game plans and calls in game. 

The most discouraging thing is that this isn't a loss due to player motivation, or being overmatched in a position or two.  This is a loss that goes squarely on the coaching staff...and a leopard isn't going to change its spots.  "They are who we thought the were" in the words of the immortal Dennis Green.  I'm afraid that this overly conservative, unimaginative mess that the Broncos now are is really who they are, and who they will be...with this coaching staff.  Pretty sad.

This year's team is 8-6.  Last year's team was 8-6 at this point.  Last year's team lost the last 2 and Coach Shanahan got fired.   3 years from now Josh McDaniels will have been fired, and Mike Shanahan will be coaching the Washington Redskins in the Super Bowl.

I hate the Raiders.

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