Monday, December 7, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Different....

Well, after a 4 game losing streak, the Denver Broncos have righted the ship and are now 8-4.  The undefeated Colts are next.  Surely a Bronco can beat a Colt???

On a somewhat related note, my wife and I were having dinner at a local restaraunt last Friday night.  An older couple was seated next to us - I didn't really pay attention.  I looked over later and was surprised to see that it was Red Miller - the Denver Broncos head coach when they went to their first Super Bowl after the 1977 season.  Very cool!

I'm currently painting Napoleonic Austrians, with a Hungarian infantry battalion underway.  I thought I'd switch it up a bit with some photos of some of my WWII stuff I use for FoB:  WW2.  Just armor and AT Gun this time...

Panther  (1/60th Scale WestWind)

M10 Tank Destroyer (WestWind 1/60th)

Sherman (WW 1/60th)

German PaK 40 (WestWind)

How about some feedback?  I haven't put stars/crosses on my tanks...part is because I don't have a 1/60 source of decals, part is because most photos I've seen show that tankers didn't really want easily observed markings on their tanks (nice aiming points!).  Any opinion out there?  To mark or leave unmarked??


  1. Nice stuff. I particularly like the atg and crew.

  2. Good looking models. I wouldn't worry about the decals unless it bugs you.

  3. Brent, the answer is to HAND PAINT them on the models to scale!!! Eric

  4. Yeah, I'll get right on that. A free hand star that I would paint would come out looking like a clover.


  5. Something I tried to do was use brushed-on "mud" over the spots where markings would be. Some tankers dulled down - or even eliminated - crosses and stars by slapping mud over them. I thought it was a nice look, and something you see in photographs all the time, but seldom on the tabletop.

    May I ask what material you use to make your bases? Is that MDF board? How do you cut it to size (if it's MDF, that is)?

  6. My bases are all MDF. I'm a fan of thick bases - 1/4". Not for everyone's taste, but they're my figures and I like it! Maybe there's a blog post there to explain that...

    Anyway - I buy 2'x4' sheets of 1/4" MDF and rip them to width on my table saw, and then cut to length on my power miterbox. Power tools make it pretty easy and quick. Alternatively, Litko makes stands to pretty any dimension, although not as thick.

    I tend to make bags of stands during the summer/spring/fall while the weather is nice. It's around 2 degrees F here now. I'd sooner cheer for the Oakland Raiders or Nebraska Cornhuskers than stand outside and cut stands in 2 F weather....

  7. Raiders!! Cornhuskers!! Shame on you!!! Are you going to post a picture of the "Stug from Hell" with the story behind it?
    John Mumby