Sunday, November 15, 2009

Battle of Wartenburg 1813

Our game Saturday night featured a scenario of the Battle of Wartenburg 1813 - scenario details provided by Greg C and Eric.  The historical action had Yorck's 1st Prussian Corps defeating Bertrand's IV Corps composed of a mix of French, Italian, and Wurttemberg  troops.  I won't go into detail of the actual battle...check out "Napoleon at Leipzig", page 50+, by George Nafziger.  Or...Google it.

Rather than give a blow by blow account, I'll post a series of photos from the game.  As there are a lot of photos, I'll post over more than one posting.

The battlefield.  The French are deployed behind a berm, marked by the line of trees to the left of the river at the top of the photo.  The "Wurttemberg" contingent has been replaced by Bavarians in our game - they're deployed beind the river at the bottom right of the photo.  The Prussians arrive on the right of the table...with the bulk of the middle of their area filled with Class III marsh.   Slosh, slosh, slosh.

The French command "brain trust".  Don't they look confident?  From left to right - John, Greg R, Greg C.

The Prussians...looking very serious.  From left to right - Terry, Greg S, Eric, Chris.

Bavarians deployed in village on Prussian left flank.  Is that smoke?  Yes!  The Bavarian artillery makes a nuisance of itself, distracting the Prussians.

The remainder of the Bavarian regiments poised menacingly in reserve.

French on the left flank look up on the top of the berm in horror as the French advance much faster than anticipated.  Can the Prussians crack the French left and unhinge the line?

French infantry confront the dark Prussian horde.

More in the next post....

Prussians were provided by Eric; French by Greg C; the Bavarians were mine, painted by Eric.

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