Monday, November 16, 2009

Battle of Wartenburg 1813 - More!

The battle of Wartenburg continues...

A mass of Prussians slog through the marsh in the center

The Prussians march across the marsh, toward the river and the Italians sheltering behind the flank of the berm.

Bavarians move toward the left flank of the Prussian assault through the marsh

Closeup of the Prussians...Beautiful!

Bavarian cavalry thunders into the flank of the Prussian assault!

The Prussian infantry defeats the Bavarian cavalry in the initial melee, faces the cavalry and routs them!  Note the 2 Bavarian infantry battalions pitching into the Prussian left flank.

The Italian Guard! (moved up from reserve to fill the gap at the open flank of the berm)

French (Italians?) move forward under inspiring leadership to blunt the Prussian assault.  Errr...wait a minute - that French (Italian?) unit has 3 UI loss!  This looks grim...

More to follow in a subsequent post.

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