Sunday, February 24, 2019

Back Again!......With Updates

So.....I see it's been a while since my last post.

Lots of things happening.   Real life and hobby wise - both!  

Oh yeah, and the Broncos managed to suck again.  Luckily the coaching void that was Vance Joseph has been sent packing and that provides at least a glimmer of hope for Bronco fans worldwide.

Just a glimmer.

On the gaming front, I've been working on Field of Battle 3rd Edition, and doing a ton of work on Season of Battle, the campaign system to be included in FoB3.   I'm finally very happy with where SoB is, and it is mainly just some clean up in the rules for it to be "done".

We played two FPW games yesterday, with two run throughs of SoB to set the campaign situation for the second game and then the upcoming (date TBD) 3rd game in the campaign.

Yesterday was a bad day for the Prussians.  A crushing loss in Game 1, followed by a moderate loss in Game 2.  After all the campaign maneuvering played out, the French find themselves in the home area of the Prussians, in the Fall, with a very real chance of ending the campaign before winter hits.

As I didn't take enough photos for a play by play report of the game, I'll just post some representative photos.

 This photo shows the die roll for John's epic triple move, full cavalry brigade assault on the flank of a Prussian command.
 A distant shot, showing John's cavalry command and the distance to the Prussian front of Terry's hands on the table.
 John's first cavalry regiment contacts the flank of a Krupp battery...
 And, that is what was left of the Krupp battery!
 John's second cavalry regiment contacts the flank of a Prussian infantry battalion.
And, that is what was left of the Prussian battalion!


  1. Looking forward to Fob3\SOB release.

    And on plus side Broncos might get some decent draft picks

  2. Good to see you back at it, Brent!

  3. Really looking forward to publication :-)