Friday, October 7, 2016

TobyCon 2016 - First Report!

Well, it actually happened - we finally were able to hold TobyCon.  We tried last year, but consecutive heavy snowfalls kept delaying the event.  Then, I had to get cracking on our home renovation in order to finish off the kitchen and the final details.   I finished all of that work, which took us into spring 2016, when my wife then had knee replacement surgery!   So, after surgery and the rehab and physical therapy work to rebuild strength and range of motion, we are finally here in October 2016!   Almost a year to the day since I was last able to host a game.

TobyCon is named in honor of our Jack Russell terrier, Toby.   He's a ball of fire, and too smart for his own good.   Toby runs herd on everyone when they visit, and I end up holding him through most games as he demands to be up where he can see what is going on.   Jack Russells have an insatiable desire to be involved and in charge.....

The first TobyCon had an ancient theme, with a Roman/Seleucid and a Han/Three Kingdoms Chinese game.  Both games used Pulse of Battle for the rules.

The Han/TKC game was first - a clash between two exotic and colorful armies.   Thanks to Terry Shockey for providing the armies.  Beautifully done, and armies I've never seen in use before.  I'd be lying if I said I remembered the flow of the game, but I believe the Han won the game.

Some photos:

Game 2 as a Seleucid vs. Roman game, planned and created by Eric Miller.  Eric provided the vast majority of the figures (beautifully painted, as usual) while some of mine were pressed into service to flesh out the armies.
 The Roman commander's appear happy....generally.

 While the Seleucid commanders appear confident and jovial

Seleucid commander (all that is left of his command) bravely advancing away from pursuing Roman cavalry.

This was a wild game.  The Romans pounded on the Seleucids for probably 90% of the game, and amassed a huge tally of Army Morale Points as the Seleucids hit 0.  However, the Seleucid right wing finally advanced (opportunity, initiative, and the needed cards!), and started hacking the Roman left wing up in a fierce manner.  Finally, both armies were at 0 AMPS!   Fortunately for the Romans, the Seleucids drew an Army Morale card and failed the test, ending the game.  I don't think I've ever seen a game like this - huge AMP loss swings, with the game ending with both sides at 0 AMPS!

I had great fun, and I'm looking forward to the next game - hopefully in early November.  I'm presently working away on redoing my game table, to get the design aesthetic to more closely match the cabinet style we've used throughout the house (Shaker).  So far so good - but more on that in upcoming posts.


  1. Two great looking games. Glad you finally got TobyCon done, even if it was almost a year later than planned! Congrats on the completed home remodeling as well!

  2. Good to see a new blog post. I look forward to the report on the next Toby Con.

  3. Hey! Those Chinese troopers look familiar, how'd they do?

  4. I think those "familiar" Chinese troops won! Toby told me to tell you that he misses seeing Uncle Tony.