Thursday, January 21, 2016

Broncos - Patriots.....Again

Let me begin by once again stating that I despise the Patriots.   From top to bottom, I have many reasons and won't go through that again...

But wait!  Here's a post that gives details about why so many Broncos fans hate the Patriots, and one Josh McDaniels, who single handedly virtually destroyed the team and organization.

I suspect that Joshy has a few years in the spotlight remaining, inevitably being revealed for what he is whenever Tommy Crybrady retires.   I feel sorry for whatever team makes the horrendous mistake and gives the head coaching reins to their team to this clown.

Who will win Sunday?  No idea.  I'm obviously on the Broncos side.  I find it interesting that the media is overwhelmingly supporting the Pats.   I think this will be a tough hard fought game, decided in the last half of the 4th quarter.  I've given up on expecting the Broncos to win a game in a stylish fashion this year.  That's just not who they are.   The Broncos defense is awesome; strong against both the pass and run; stocked with talented athletes from the defensive line back through the defensive backfield.  The Broncos have their kryptonite (the Steelers) and managed to survive that test last week.   Let's hope that this week, the Patriots' kryptonite (playing the Broncos in Denver) continues to have power.....

On a game front, I'm finally able to squeeze some time in for figure painting again.  I'm cleaning up a new ECW foot unit as I make my way towards game size armies.  I'm debating about painting alternative command stands to allow conversion between ECW and TYW forces.    Hmmmm.


  1. My heart is with the Broncos but my head says Patriots but Broncos have proved me wrong several times this season winning games they were losing and should have lost !!

  2. I think its going to be a very hard game - these two teams don't like each other. I'm pretty tired of hearing about all of the injuries the Pats had this season. The Broncos played nearly half of the season with an inexperienced backup QB, lost both of their starting offensive tackles, both safeties for an extended period, and at one point late in the season they had 21 players on the injury report. Media doesn't mention that....

  3. If the Pats win the SuperBowl the same year Alabama wins the National Championship I might just up on Football...or life...;-)