Sunday, January 4, 2015

Photos from my ECW Collection

Thought I'd post some photos of one of the 10 ECW foot regiments that I've completed. The photo quality isn't great, but hey - it's Sunday night and tomorrow brings the first full week of work that I've had to do since my vacation started on Dec. 18!

The figures are Old Glory - a range I really like.  I also have a couple of Redoubt regiments as well.  The flag is homemade, with the basic layout done in Excel (I'm an engineer....what do you expect???).


  1. Beautiful job on the Earl; of Essex's regiment, Brent.

  2. Really nicely painted ECW troops. A period I've not delved into, but do enjoy the look and history nonetheless. I must add OG has some gems and are often overlooked.

  3. I like this range as well. Although they don't look as nice as yours I just finished painting two OG cavalry regiments over the holidays.

  4. Do like your painting style. Perhaps we'll be seeing some more?