Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pre-Battle View of My '39-'45 Tabletop

So, the guys are on their way over.  We're playing a late war game, US vs. Germans.  The Germans have a rather intimidating force - King Tiger section, a platoon of Panthers, a platoon of PanzerGrenadiers, etc.   To counter this, the US is fairly light in infantry, but should benefit from having a couple of FO's to facilitate their sections of off-table 105mm artillery.  They also have a platoon of 76mm Shermans, 2 platoons of 75mm Shermans, and a platoon of M10 TD's.   How many Shermans does it take to take out a King Tiger?   We'll find out in a few hours....

Here is the battlefield, prior to the troops being set out.

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