Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 becomes 2014

I'm not big on worrying about what I accomplished in the past year.   I've never felt that an arbitrary time block has much meaning...unless it is to define the start and finish of an NFL season.

Other than that - big things in my life this year:

Great vacation with our motorcycles this summer.   I've lived in Colorado all my life, and have travelled all over the US.   For the life of me, I can't imagine living anywhere other than in the Rocky Mountain west region.   Beautiful scenery, unbelievable weather....unless you're contemplating moving here in which case it is horrible here and you should look elsewhere.

This year we survived our bike vacation without being run into by a tourist moron making an illegal U-turn (See 2011) or having our tow vehicle seize up (tow vehicle - see 2011 - its a good thing to be able to get home after a moron hits both of you on your motorcycles and they aren't rideable, and various injuries make it unlikely you feel like riding 400+ miles anyway;  vehicle seizing, see 2012).   A brief word to those of you who don't ride - PLEASE watch for bikes.  You're in 3000 pounds plus of cage, airbags, and seatbelts.   A moment of neglect on your part can permantly change, if not end, a biker's life.   Please, please pay attention when you drive.  That bike rider is someone's spouse, father, mother, brother, sister.  You get the idea.

We lost our Westie (Bailey) this August.  She was a great little dog.   Toby, our Jack Russell, is enjoying his role as "Big Dog" in our home.

Rekindled an old friendship with Bob Jones, thanks in part to his energizing "Getzcon".   As I'm now past the half century mark, I realize that good friends are hard to come by, and that being stubborn is a stupid thing to do.   Thanks, Bob - I'm glad "we're back"!

Part of the joy in motorcycle riding is enjoying the ride, rather than purely looking forward to the destination.   I've learned from the thousands upon thousands of miles of biking that each moment is interesting, fascinating, inspiring, terrifying, confusing, difficult, and many other things all at once or by themselves.   The point is that too often we find ourselves busy being busy, and don't enjoy the ride.   Don't keep point totals on how many figures you paint - enjoy the process of seeing your armies grow, of seeing their character change as you create them.   If you ignore the ride, you'll end up with a painted pile of lead and nothing to show other than the lead, which, contrary to wargamer's beliefs, is NOT a precious metal.

And certainly not to be overlooked is the Denver Broncos magical season.   I cannot express my joy in watching the consumate professional Peyton Manning as he has virtually single handed changed the culture and personality of the Broncos.   Oh  yeah, and he's helped them win a boat load of games too.

And, while last in this blog entry, but first in my heart - my unbelievable wife Lisa.   My best friend and bike partner.  The absolute best thing that has ever happened in my life.  THAT is what makes each day special. 

I wish you all the best for many, many, years to come.


  1. All the best to you too, Brent. Lang may yir lum reek (long may your chimney smoke).


  2. I am so glad that you and Bob are back on good terms. Being friends with each of you, I knew you were both hurting from your split.

    Being rather a "counter" myself (I have done it since I first started painting at about age 14), I would say that both the destination and the journey are important. Surely our lives are more a journey than a destination, but if one doesn't have goals it is easy for the journey to become aimless. That's OK for a while, but probably not forever. In any event, I find it helps motivate me; others may find differently.

    Happy New Year Brent, and likewise, many many more to come!