Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pulse of Battle Update

I haven't been posting many updates lately, as I've been focusing on using my free time to work on writing on Pulse of Battle.   I chuckle when I see the "One Page Rules" discussions on The Miniatures Page.   Hmmm.   One page rules.   What they really mean is 1 page reference sheet.   It's quite impossible to have a 1 page set of rules.  There are sooooooo many situations and questions that players have when playing a game.  I'm not saying that my rules are exhaustive, but they are aimed at being precise, concise, and easy to use/comprehend.    You can't do explanations in one page for everything.....

We played a final set of test games last Saturday with Pulse of Battle.  Two games, 2nd Punic War.   The Carthaginians had the advantage of a large leadership advantage, and somewhat better troop quality.   They won both games, which wasn't too much of a surprise.

I'm very happy with PoB now.  Only a couple of minor fixes popped up in the game, and the games played really well and smoothly.

PoB is now in the edit phase.  It's in the hands of 4 thorough and capable editors, who are providing tons of edit suggestions to me.   I think this set of rules will be by far the best edited, "cleanest" set that I've done. 

That being said, I'm sure I'll see errors and typos when the first printed copy arrives!

A couple of photos from the games:


  1. Excellent looking game! You can't beat Carthaginians with elephants! Well, unless you're the Romans.

  2. Very nice game! What periods will be covered? From Sumerian to Middle Age or only Ancient and Classical era?

  3. The army guidelines cover 1300 BC to 500 AD, but it is very expandable. I'll be doing a version for later periods as well.

  4. Thank You for Your job. I'm very impatient to buy it.

    P.S. Why there is not a Piquet Facebook profile, where the wargamer community can easily follow news, tips and tricks?

  5. Basically there's no Facebook 'cause I don't want to do one! :)

  6. Great looking game! Ordered a copy of the rules.:-) I noticed your basing is economical while still looking good. As I always struggle to finish armies at 28mm I think I may try this out. May I please inquire as to what size bases you used please?