Saturday, December 8, 2012

Proportional Scenario - Process Begins!

I've been pondering which battle I'd like to use this process (proportioning) for to set up a game.   My decision - the grand daddy of US battles - Gettysburg!

Why Gettysburg?

Well....why not?    Everybody knows it, its fascinating, and there is interesting terrain.  

Having been part of a club game for a convention around 25 years ago that was intended to do all three days of Gettysburg in the 3 days of the real time....that at the end of day 3 of real time at the convention was still mired in day 1 of the battle representation.....I know what hassles there are in doing a 1 unit to 1 unit representation of this battle.

I'll be pondering the scaling (game unit to real units), ground scale scaling, as well as time scales. 

I'm really looking forward to this!


  1. Well, awesome. I have a crap-ton of Yankees and Rebels all based up for FoB2...yell out.

  2. Is a "crap-ton" similar to a metric ton?