Saturday, January 28, 2012

Napoleonic Game Summary!

I'm a little behind on reporting on the game from last Saturday - a coalition force of British/Spanish/Portuguese (Ed, Chris, Terry) taking on a French army (Greg C, Greg R, Tony).    Well - there were "supposed" to be Spanish at the battle, but pre-game scenario generation resulted in the Spanish brigade being slow in marching to the battle.  This led to a complete change in plan by the Allied command, as they'd planned on the Spanish taking up positions in the town on their left flank and protecting that same flank.   The French ended up getting the jump on the Allies, and deployed well forward with the bulk of their army - infantry in the center, with a grand battery on ridges in the French left/center.   The majority of the fighting took place in the plain between the town and ridges, with both sides giving as well as they received.   In the end, the French won, but only with 1 Army Morale point remaining!  Fantastic game, down to the wire drama.   On to some photos of the game:

Initial Deployments

French attack in the center plain

A quiet battle for the 95th....the French don't want to come into the woods and play

British deployed in the right center of their line
French grand battery  (9 volt)

French light infantry on their left flank, electing to stay in the woods opposite of the 95th

Left to right, Genls. Chris and Greg R. position their troops in the crucible outside of the town.  Genl. Tony
seems to be enjoying how things are going....

French attack stumbles as losses mount.  The brigade commander (best in their army) of the largest French brigade is picked off his horse by a musket ball and the attack stalls without any command presence.

What am I supposed to be doing????

Miss Bailey and Captain Toby seem to be taking the stress of battle in stride

British regiments from their left flank virtually destroy the reserve French brigade.

More to follow later!


  1. Great painting, great layout, great to see the smiley faces, great report! Almost as entertaining reading and viewing the pics on this bleak and dreary day here in the UK as it was indubitably playing it (had to look up the Dictionary for that one!). Pic 10 somehow takes the impact away from the cry however, "Let loose the dogs of war!" By the way, Brent, ref. Pic 6, that looks like an intriguing Light Infantry formation -3 stands up front with the Command stand in the rear(?) - is that from FoB 2nd edition?


  2. Yes - the dogs had a rough day - grooming, house cleaning and then visitors! Exhaustion set in and they paused for a break in the battle....

    The formation is indeed the 3 up/1 back, from FoB2.

    It was a great time, and we always have smiling faces. The history is serious, the game event is for fun!