Thursday, August 4, 2011

ACW Game

We played an ACW game last Saturday; ACW was chosen since Terry Shockey couldn't make the game.  Terry, Greg Rold, and Ed Meyers were instead participating in a DBA tourney down in Colorado Springs.   DBA?   I think I'll give them random Down 1 modifiers in our next FoB game.

I won't go through a detailed report of the game, just some highlights.  The game looked firmly in control of the Confederates, as they used aggressive movements (ie lots of Move cards before the Federals got any!) to focus on the Confederate center.  The Federals managed to change the game focus to their left flank with some timely move opportunities and ended up mangling the Confederate right flank.  At this point, after a back and forth contest, the Federals hit 0 army morale points.  Unknown to them, the Confederates only had 3 points at that time!  The Confederates launched a counterattack on their right, and severly battered the flanking Federal assault.  The game ended with the Confederates at 16 morale points, the Federals at 0.  A crushing victory for the Confederate cause!  (guess its a good thing that Terry wasn't at the game...)

The Federal Command Team (left to right):  Eric, Bob Jones, Chris

Yes, that's right - THE Bob Jones.  It was great to have Bob at a game again.  The universe is in balance again.  He valiantly defended the Federal center with a single brigade and battery. 

Confederate command watches Chris' moves with interest:  Greg Cornell (center) and John Mumby (aka Mumbasa), right.

Overview of the battlefield at the start of the game.  The river was actually a meandering stream, a Class I obstacle (stop at the near bank, move full after that).  Confederates on the right.

Confederates approach through the woods.

Brave Federal lads brace for the assault.

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Zouaves - Redoubt figures.

Federal forces close on the Confederate right flank.

Confederates advance on the Federal right and right/center


  1. Nice report. You guys have some beautiful figures there.

  2. Thanks again for the game Brent. I enjoy FoB. Looking forward to the next version. Figures, terrain, and table were great. I should look at rebasing my Crimean War figures for FoB.

    Having now played an abysmal command, I now know what to do. Tough battle, but tough battles are probably more fun than easy ones.