Monday, May 16, 2011

My Favorite Franco-Prussian War Books

Continuing on with the favorite book theme, today I'll go through my favorite FPW books.

Alphonse  De Neuville  L'epopee de la defaite  from Copernic books (1979)
(This is a beautiful book with page after page of exquisite ADN artwork of the FPW.  This is perfect for units marching in step in these illustrations!)

Tactical Deductions from the War of 1870-1871  by Albrecht von Boguslawski
(A reprint of the original 1872 work by Boguslawski, who was a Captain in the Lower Silesian Infantry Regiment No. 50.  A great on the ground view of how things worked.)

The Prussian Infantry in the War of 1870-71 by Prince Kraft zu Hohenlohe Ingelfingen
(Taken from an 1889 translation.  Absolutely fascinating detail of all the stuff that makes us want to wargame a period.)

The Campaign in Alsace, August 1870  by Brigadier General J.P. Du Cane
(Reprint of 1907 work.  A great, detailed look at the battles of Weissenburg and Woerth)

The Battle of Spicheren, August 6th 1870  by Lieut. Col. GFR Henderson
(Reprint of 1891 work.   Pretty much as above.   Very detailed look at Spicheren)

The Franco-Prussian War, 1870-71 by Quintin Barry
(Maybe not the best books in the world, can be tedious at times.  On the other hand, when was the last time you saw a recent 2 volume history of the FPW published?  If you're interested in the period, you should have it.)

The Franco-Prussian War, by Michael Howard
(I bought this back in my college years, before I'd even heard of the FPW.  Howard sets the standard for FPW works)

A Day of Battle, Mars-La-Tour 16 August 1870, by David Ascoli.  After Howard, this was my next book purchased on the FPW many years ago.  Excellent writing and this if you can find it)

The Franco-Prussian War, by Geoffrey Wawro.
(Nice general history.  You either like Wawro or you don't.  I like his style...a nice easy read).

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  1. Just beginning to look at what was the preliminary skirmish of WW I. Thanks for useful references.