Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ancients/Medievals and Grand FoB

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We played a test game of "Grand FoB", a grand tactical adaptation of FoB, last night.  It worked well, and I've made some adjustments based on the game.  Essentially each infantry unit is a regiment/brigade size unit of around 3000 men.  The command group is the division; players are more concerned with the employment of the assets inside their division than they are in worrying about individual brigades.  I think this will be a quick playing grand tactical alternative to tactical FoB games that will allow "big" battles, while still having enough tactical decisions to interest players.

I've toyed with the scope of the new ancients game "Field of Battle: Ancients", for quite some time.  I've always been fascinated with the medieval era, and I'm now planning on including both ancients and medievals into the rule set.  Along with the time expansion will come a new name "Pulse of Battle".   The rules will cover from Egypt/Hittite through the Wars of the Roses.  As for army lists, I'll hit the major combatants, and focus on wars/combinations of armies, rather than obscure lists for flaming pig psiloi from the eastern Balkans, etc.   I have to admit that the reason I've been putting off writing this set of rules is that I absolutely DETEST making up army lists.   Its tiresome and tedious...but necessary in its own way.

There are a couple more reasons for the expansion of time eras covered in the new set.
1)  I think its benefit to Piquet customers to consolidate the eras into a single product
2)  I'm not sure I have 2 complete new rulesets worth of writing in me!

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