Sunday, February 7, 2010

Field of Battle: Ancients Playtest

Its just a quick post for now.

The two simultaneous games of FoBA went very well.  I made extensive notes on items to clean up, but overall I'm very happy with the rules right now.

One game was late Romans vs. late Romans (25mm)...I think it was 8 units vs. 9 units.  The other was Roman vs. Carthaginian (15mm)...around 24 units per side. 

Late Roman game at this end of table...Punic game at far end.  From left to right - Romans:  Greg Rold, Terry Shockey.  Carthaginians:  Ed Meyers, John Mumby.  The line of trees in the center of the table is used to separate the two games.

Late Roman infantry.  Not sure what they're late for.  Maybe they should leave earlier.
(figures painted by Eric Miller)

Enough for now.   More pictures and game thoughts later.

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  1. Very attractive unit. I like bright shield patterns - they look good, and have a kind of 'in your face' insouciance that bespeaks a confident unit... whatever their actual military record!