Saturday, October 17, 2009

Game Night

The table and terrain are prepared and the troops are placed and rated. Its almost like Christmas eve....

An 1866 APW game, with my Austrians (Battle Honors) and Prussians (Wargames Foundry). I anciticipate a tough game for the Austrians, but who knows? There's something about the mid 19th century European wars that fascinate me. Great uniforms, interesting tactical situations. A full game report tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow - it is supposed to be 82 degrees F! Considering the high temperature a week or so ago was 24 degrees F, I think its time to get in a ride. We'll be out on the road in the afternoon to take advantage of the Broncos playing on Monday Night Football vs. the SD Chargers (San Diego....Super Chargers!).


  1. Go Broncos! It was a terrific st Brent's game! We had a newcommer who wanted to play Austrians, so I went over to the Dark Side (Prussians) and actually had a great time. Twice our CinC was ready to throw in the towel after the "magic three moves" result for the Austrians. But, we beat them back to eventually win the game. Great game, but even greater company! John

  2. Although John didn't get to spend too much time in the woods, he did spend most of the game trying to evict Austrians in a woods so he COULD get into some woods.