Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Project Update

Well....I didn't put on a game last Saturday, for 2 major reasons - my wife was very ill with bronchitis, and the basement furnace/AC project took longer than expected.  But - looks like a game this Saturday.

I've been basing up Napoleonic foot units, as well as messing around with some campaign ideas.  I've also been playing around with ideas for an ECW version of FoB - really wouldn't be too hard to adapt.

Picked up an intriguing book the other day "Eden to Armageddon - World War 1 in the Middle East".   It looks to be well written...just what I need, another project!

Other books that have arrived in the last week include:

"Trailing Clouds of Glory:  Zachary Taylor's Mexican War Campaign and His
Emerging Civil War Leaders"

"The Mons Myth: A reassessment of the Battle"

"Cool Deliberate Courage:  John Eager Howard in the American Revolution"

All of the above look pretty interesting.  I'm tempted to pitch into the Mons book first - I have Zuber's previous book on the Ardennes 1914 battles and this looks to be an ideal companion.     Its too late to save me from that project, as I have tons of WW1 Western and Eastern front figures.

The custom FoB card order is complete and will be sent in by tomorrow - these cards will be a fantastic upgrade to the FoB player's collection.  Very slick!

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