Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Quick Update

Well, is an update of no game activities still an update?

Real world responsibilities have limited, or more correctly halted, my game and hobby activities for a while, and for probably the next couple of months.

My wife had a total knee replacement surgery 1 week ago, and the first 4 days or so of that "experience" are quite traumatic.  We're smack dab in the middle of the rehab phase now, and she's doing really well.  However, the rehab takes a lot of time, as doing all the things around the house that are needed to keep the household going.

So, I apologize for the lack of posts, but that is currently out of my hands!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

No TobyCon 2016....Again

My first try at TobyCon 2016 failed due to the elements (over 2' of snow on the weekend of the planned event).

TobyCon 2016 was rescheduled to yesterday.

Which didn't happen.

I should be clearer - yesterday did happen.

TobyCon didn't.

Somehow I caught what can only be described as some demonic spawned illness (flu??) that forced me to cancel the games yesterday.  I'm only now "a bit" back on my feet to even type this.

Maybe the name "TobyCon" is cursed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

TobyCon 2016

TobyCon 2016, named after our Jack Russell Toby, was originally set for last Saturday.  However, over 24" of snow fell last weekend......hence the new date for TobyCon2016 - THIS Saturday!

Toby, Dog of Honor at TobyCon 2016

The inaugural TobyCon will feature a pair of ancients games, played using the Pulse of Battle rules.  First game is a Punic War game, and the second will be a Seleucid - Roman dust up.   The troops for the Punic War game are rated and arrayed - some photos below.

I'll be posting a summary of the games after TobyCon wraps up.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Broncos are SB50 Champs!   Awesome performance by the #1 defense in the league.

I predicted a Broncos win 26-20.  I was glad to be wrong.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl Eve - A Prediction

My official prediction for the Super Bowl tomorrow:

Broncos 26
Panthers 20

Peyton Manning has one more "good enough" game left in him, going 22 of 34 for 274 yards and 2 TDs, earning the Super Bowl MVP award and a ride into the sunset and retirement.

I think it is laughable how little credit is being given to the Broncos, and how few are picking them to win tomorrow.  This is a team that played 7 games without its starting QB, played 5 or so games with its starting QB injured to the point it affected his play, and a team with a defense that lead the league in defensive performance and statistics from the very start of the season through to this point in the playoffs.

I believe the lack of respect is due to the lopsided media love affair with Cam Newton for the Panthers.  While he's a great player, Super Bowl history is full of teams with good to great offenses built around a single player (QB) that gets throttled in the championship game.

I've seen a lot of Super Bowls from the Broncos perspective, and you get a feel for when a team is too tight, too busy telling everyone how the spotlight isn't going to bother them (see the Broncos vs. Seahawks, Broncos vs. Giants, Broncos vs. 49ers.....).   The Panthers look to me to be too concerned with appearing loose.  We'll see when the curtain goes up.

The Broncos played a much tougher schedule, compared to the Panthers (playing their own putrid division teams twice, and the AFC South teams - either the worst or second worst division in the league).   A soft schedule and big wins don't temper a team for a Super Bowl.  In the playoffs the Panthers first played the Seahawks, who were exhausted from an overtime, sub-zero temperature game the week before, and then the Cardinals, who looked like they were just looking for a place to fall down, bickering with each other on the sidelines.  The Broncos?  Beat the Steelers and the Patriots, both games tight and hard fought.

I stand by my prediction:  26-20 Broncos.

I'll be here to enjoy the victory, or take the abuse if I'm horribly wrong!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

SOOOOOOPA BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, what a defensive performance by the Broncos.   Not much from the offense, but just enough.  Two weeks to wait before playing.....who knows?  Carolina or Arizona.   I'd prefer Arizona because I think they're more beatable, but I suspect it will be Carolina.

I can't take watching too many more games like that.....

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Broncos - Patriots.....Again

Let me begin by once again stating that I despise the Patriots.   From top to bottom, I have many reasons and won't go through that again...

But wait!  Here's a post that gives details about why so many Broncos fans hate the Patriots, and one Josh McDaniels, who single handedly virtually destroyed the team and organization.

I suspect that Joshy has a few years in the spotlight remaining, inevitably being revealed for what he is whenever Tommy Crybrady retires.   I feel sorry for whatever team makes the horrendous mistake and gives the head coaching reins to their team to this clown.

Who will win Sunday?  No idea.  I'm obviously on the Broncos side.  I find it interesting that the media is overwhelmingly supporting the Pats.   I think this will be a tough hard fought game, decided in the last half of the 4th quarter.  I've given up on expecting the Broncos to win a game in a stylish fashion this year.  That's just not who they are.   The Broncos defense is awesome; strong against both the pass and run; stocked with talented athletes from the defensive line back through the defensive backfield.  The Broncos have their kryptonite (the Steelers) and managed to survive that test last week.   Let's hope that this week, the Patriots' kryptonite (playing the Broncos in Denver) continues to have power.....

On a game front, I'm finally able to squeeze some time in for figure painting again.  I'm cleaning up a new ECW foot unit as I make my way towards game size armies.  I'm debating about painting alternative command stands to allow conversion between ECW and TYW forces.    Hmmmm.