Thursday, May 6, 2010


Just a few shots and thoughts about flags.

I've tried various ways of making flags over the years.  Hand drawn and painted (time consuming and laborious).  Photo copied line drawings and painted (see time consuming and laborious).  Printed from internet sources (varying quality and interest).  Purchased (sometimes "plastic" looking, not always the size I wanted).  Modified from online files (modify the file version to darker colors, paint on the main and highlight colors).

Here are some shots of the latest method I'm trying.

All of these flags were taken from a SYW site.  The files are of one side of the flag.  A simple "mirror" copy, print them out to the desired size, and that is the basis for the flag.  Rather than focus on painting in shadows, I instead just concentrated on highlights - greys on the black, lighter blues, brighter whites.   Overall, I'm pretty happy with them, and they look pretty cool on the units.

Just a couple shots of our "kids"

Time for a haircut

Am I cute enough that you won't notice the hole I just dug in the yard?

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