Sunday, May 9, 2010

Austro-Prussian 1866 Game

This game was based/influenced by the historical battle of Trautenau, but not an exact "historical" scenario - more flavor than anything else.  The sides were numerically equal, but the Prussians had 1 division on the Austrian side of the river, with their 2 other divisions marching onto the table to their rear.  The Austrians started with a Corps on the table and 2 brigades marching on during the battle.  I won't provide an event by event report on the game....suffice it to say that the Austrians actually won a game!  The Austrian plan (Greg Cornell, Ed Meyers) was to attack the Prussian division as fast as possible and put a "cork" in the access across the river.  The Prussians (Greg Rold, Chris Cornell) seemed to plan on holding the central ridges on the Austrian side of the river, and moving the reinforcing divisions up as fast as possible to attack the Austrian center and left flank.  Unfortunately for the Prussians, a couple of "1's" rolled for movement put a real crimp in their plans.  A brutal back and forth battle for the central ridges was the central point of the game, with the Austrians eventually prevailing.   The Prussians reached 0 Army Morale Points first - unknown to them, the Austrians had only 2 AMPs remaining at that point!  Unfortunately for the Prussians, the next few combats were resoundingly lost by them, and the Austrian juggernaught continued to gather steam.

The game used the new Grand Tactical set of FoB rules - it has a nice GT feel, while still providing plenty of tactical decision making and tactical color to the game.  I like them a lot.

Anyway, on to the photos.

Austrian Corps ready to advance

Prussian division on the central ridge

Here come the Prussians!

Here come the Austrians!

Closing to combat at the central ridge

Austrians gaining the ridge

Overview of the Austrian assault on the ridge

Hehehe...look how good I'm doing!

More to follow in the next post...


  1. Good to see the Austrians winning for a change! Excellent looking game.


  2. Smashing looking game! Go Austria! I have a soft spot for the down-trodden.